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Just Ask is a service from Chester Pride that can give you the support, information, and advice that you need. If we can’t help with your issue, we know who can, as we have partnered with local services that provide inclusive support for a wide range of issues that our community faces.

What we can help with:







And many, many, more topics...

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Text /Call /WhatsApp: 07718 066 684

Call Directly: 01244 257602

Email us: justask@chesterpride.co.uk

We want to make it as easy to get in touch as possible, because of us the important thing is that you get in touch, not how you get in touch:

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What happens when I get in touch?


If you’re under-18 you can still get in touch with us, and we will still help you. We want to make sure that you are fully protected and supported though, so we will ask for details of your parents or guardians. We will never get in touch with them, or ‘out’ you to them if you do not want us to, for any reason, except in the most dire emergencies where contact with your parents or guardians is strictly necessary.