Launching later in the year (once safely out of the current Coronavirus restrictions) Out & About is a new social networking project offering a wide range of LGBT+ related social gatherings. Be it at a local place of interest or further afield, people of all ages who are currently looking to socialize with other like minded people can get together. All details for our planned events will be released on our website and social media.

What is Out&About?

Out and About is our new social networking project that offers a wide range of LGBT+ related social events and gatherings from local places of interest to further afield locations, aimed at providing a vibrant array of activities to people of all ages, backgrounds and identities.  
Our calendar of events, activities and trips is being worked on for once out of the current Covid-19 restrictions, we aim to fully launch this project later in 2021/ early 2022. 

How does the project work?

A seasonal calendar of events, activities and trips will be advertised on this page plus our social media platforms with links to be able to purchase tickets where a charge is required or a free ticket to such events, activities and trips that can be run at no cost to our guest. 

Tickets will be limited to 2 per person unless a family event where we will offer family tickets, events, activities and trips will have detailed information about them including travel and pick up information, background information about the destination and details of local interests. We will offer two types of tickets, ticket one will be an all inclusive ticket that will  cover the cost of travel and admission to the destination, ticket two will be for travel only allowing you to pick and choose with activities at the destination you choose to take part in.