Take 5 is a free to join mental & physical health project that offers a free starter pack including a Take 5 mug that’s packed full of useful tips, mental puzzles and access to some local services within our area. The Project encourages you to pop the kettle on and just take 5 minutes out of your day to switch off from any stresses or worries from your work or personal life. 

Take5 Is growing Fast

As the project grows in popularity, so does the program and our ability to offer more including online and in person activities such as physical exercise classes such as Spinning, yoga, meditation.

You’ll be kept up to date with invites to these events as and when they are able to be hosted.

Currently covid-19 restrictions are having an impact on this part of the project but as we continue along the Roadmap set out by the UK Government these activities will happen.

How do I claim my starter pack?

The Starter pack that includes a mug, information of mental and physical health along with a few simple lifestyle changes and mental stimulation puzzles can be requested by emailing take5@chesterpride.co.uk where we will post out your starter pack at no cost to you. 

Is there a cost to me?

It is our aim to provide free classes such as the Yoga, Meditation and spinning classes where possible but sometimes it may be required to have a small cover charge to assist us in paying for a professional trainer, venue space and associated costs.