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Chester Pride recognises the real threat that climate change poses, and is determined to do our part to reduce our environmental impact. This covers all aspect of our work, but focuses on our annual event as the most environmentally impactful single aspect of our work.

Our work on sustainability is supported by our Sustainability Partner:


We joined the Vision:2025 pledge, a commitment to reduce our carbon impact by at least 50% by 2025. To help us achieve this we're focusing on several key priorities that are our biggest areas of environmental impact.

Read about these areas, and how we're measuring our impact and progress below.

Read more about Vision:2025 here

Trash Pick-Up

Our priorities:

Recycling Plastic Bottles



Our event generates a large amount of waste. Our strategy in this area will focus on ensuring as much waste material as possible can be recycled. But more than that we aim to reduce the amount of waste generated by our event in the first instance.



Powering our stages, vendors, and activities takes multiple generators often powered by diesel. We're actively seeking alternative ways to generate the power we need, and reduce our carbon emissions.

Flashing Lights During Concert
Semi-Truck on Overpass



One of our largest sources of carbon emission is the exhaust from our suppliers and vendors delivering to our site. We also consider the emissions from our attendees, and consider how they are travelling to get to our event. 



We aim to understand how we use water at the event, and find ways to minimise the amount of non-drinking water that we use.

Cleaning Products



Our aim is to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in our event where we can source safe and appropriate alternatives

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